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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation transforms people’s lives from inside out.

Strengthens Mental Fitness

Improves attention, changes the thoughts default module and helps in multitasking activities.


Improves self-care and self-love. Increases cognition, affect and positive thoughts.


Improves immunity and prevents mental and physical illnesses, like depression or even cardiac issues.


Stress and Anxiety

Reduces stress and anxiety, providing relaxation, increasing productivity and mental health.


Elevate energy vibration, find alignment and harmony within, allow the universe to work on your favor.


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+1000 tracks

More than 1.000 tracks to meditate as you wish.
High technology and quality. You will develop a ”wellness” routine that fulfills your needs.


Download the meditations, save your data and listen to your favorite tracks offline.


Create your favorite playlist, journal your experiences in “Notes” as your practice evolves and follow the days you meditated.



Find on “WeTuneIn” a community that will be united in order to raise the vibration of our planet and watch live meditations.


In “Wisdom” find articles, videos, studies and curiosities about meditation and the world of self-knowledge.

And much more…

The application will be constantly updated with new meditations.
The App is available in English and Portuguese, you can change the language at any time and practice the meditations in another language.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are beaten in different oscillations, which talk to our neurons, synchronizing the functioning of the sides of the brain. These stimulate and alter our brain to create a new and unique frequency, obtenning numerous therapeutic gains.

Épsilon - < 0.5Hz

Deep personal and spiritual connection, transcendental meditative state.

Delta - 1Hz - 3.9Hz

Improves deep sleep quality, total physical relaxation, helps to release rejuvenating hormones.

Theta - 4Hz - 7.9Hz

Activates Intuition, recovers memory, physical and mental healing, reduces anxiety and stress, heals depression, weight loss.

Alpha - 8Hz - 13.9Hz

Relaxed Focus, stronger mind-set, master reactive impulses, solve problems, make decisions, high creativity, long term memory,

Beta - 14Hz - 30Hz

Study Focus, stimulates energy, feel active, strengthens your short-term memory, improves productivity at work, heals anxiety and stress.

Gamma - 30Hz - 120Hz

Genius brain, Super focus, super active, hyper level of consciousness, great for exercising, feel greater, energy level UP!

Lambda - 100Hz - 200Hz

Advanced meditators, very strong frequency, transcendental experience, strong self-awareness, intuition and insights, supernatural.

No Binaural Beats

Enjoy the track without Binaural Beats with no need of headphones, listen in your car or sound-system


Only instruments, no voice, no Binaural Beats, no need of headphones, listen in your car or sound-system.


Easy to navigate, all tracks are separated into categories such as: Meditative Music, 8D Sounds, Guided Meditations, Mantras and Affirmations, Special Guests, Podcasts and Kids. All are available in Portuguese and English, "with" or "without" binaural frequencies.

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Best sleep medication I absolutely love this App!!!! I’m amazed how fast I relax and fall asleep with any of plenty options that the App addresses. Surprisingly, last night my 8-year-old-daughter asked me to turn on the same “relaxing sounds” that I was listening to night before. No hesitation, I turned it on, and both of us fell asleep in under 10 minutes!!!!! It’s been awesome!!! Namaste🙌

Michelle Bonacim

Authentic, Uplifting & the Purest Essence I am blown away by the features, the attention to detail and the loving care that was put into designing every aspect of this app. I’ve been meditating for 7 years & compared to all the apps I’ve come across over the years, I have never seen as much elegance, authenticity, and high vibrational sound quality. As a Vipassana meditator, I usually prefer meditating in pure silence, but the quality and calibre of each track is so special that I find myself being drawn to it daily for my practices! I absolutely love the binaural sounds that can be overlaid onto each meditation. Also - it has so much refreshing variety in nature sounds, meditations, modalities and experiences that it truly makes it accessible to all - no matter where one is on their meditation journey. Thank you for this gift and service to the collective. There has never been a more important time to create sacred solitude and connection to our higher consciousness, and this app is a portal for that.

Gaby Lucia

Intimate, authentic, personal app for mindfulness What you will find different to any other meditation apps is that YouTuneIn is truly handmade by a group of passionate souls who intend for nothing but to share the experience of awakening with all of us. With the current world Pandemic, this resource is an invaluable platform to guide you through unique personal discovery and breakthrough, as well as emanate energy and redefine your own meaning of purpose. The group of creators is well rounded not just in the commercial western sales of spirituality, but eastern philosophy and teachings of Buddhism thereby adapting them into digestible practice. Highly recommended!!!

Yousuke Chatmaleerat

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