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A Tuned Team is a Dream Team!

Find the results that you want for your company by improving their mental health and therefore helping them to connect and engage with their best selves and others.

Caring for the mental health of employees has become, more than ever, a fundamental responsibility for companies. Struggle with anxiety, depression, and burnout impact not only their personal life but the company itself. Meditation is capable of increasing mental health, straightening the mind, and allowing many other benefits.

YouTuneIn is more than a meditation app. We use Binaural Beats and 8D Sounds ensuring full immersion. The daily use of binaural frequencies bring several benefits to the body, mind, and soul. The technology will improve the general well-being of your employees as well as cognitive performance, focus, and productivity.

We can help build a more resilient and healthy team, ready to face the challenges of the day.

There are many benefits

reduce stress
and anxiety

Great Mindset

mind set

More Focus

more focus
and flow state

Raise Congitive

Raise cognitive


Meditation is a powerful tool when comes to improvement in mental and physical health. Science agrees and has already proven many of these benefits, like emotional balance and overall health.

Imagine combining Meditation + Binaural Beats + 8D Sound Technology?

Binaural Beats help you maximize performance and are able to change the brainwaves' frequency by stimulating the creation of a single new frequency. Combining Binaural Beats with Meditation provides to the practitioner a deep and advanced connecting experience, thus activating the benefits almost instantly, achieving the 'Meditative State'.

You can use the frequencies according to your needs.

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