About Us

Our mission is to help further evolve the human race by rising our global vibration. The more tuned-in people are, the better the world.

We are committed to help you through this beautiful journey of awakening. Think about a conversation daily with a friend that will lift you up no matter what, helping you to align your mood, ideas and desires, therefore, experiencing the true connection within. WeTuneIn with you :)

Our philosophy is to raise awareness and love collectively, through our YouTuneIn Steps program and through universal communication, without specific religious connotations, we welcome and offer different ways to connect, with the objective to tune in with the higher Self that exists within each one of us.

Based on three years of studies and one year of intense development, YouTuneIn was created and formed by a small team, with incalculable potential, where everyone without exception, Developers, Producers and Facilitators express their best versions of themselves.

Meet our team

The Youtunein team are a group of people who have practiced meditation for many years, because of that, we know the impact that meditation can have in peoples lives. THROUGH A DAILY PRACTICE COMMITMENT WE CONTINUE EVOLVING AND WE ARE SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS UNIQUE FORMULA WITH THE WORLD.

Founder & CEO

Milena Barbosa, aka Millah, Is the Founder, CEO and also the voice of YouTuneIn. A force of positive energy and a successful serial- entrepreneur with 21 years of experience across music, energetic Healing, film producing and directing. Infused with various philosophical and spiritual teachings, Millah is on a mission to manifest individual and world-wide vibrational alignment by enriching our collective consciousness.

Lucas Padilha
Head of Production

Lucas is a Producer and Sound Engineer since 2014 and Meditation practitioner since 2016. He is constantly improving himself to create unique Meditation Music to the world. Also has a Bachelor Degree in International Relations which provides a worldwide vision with knowledge and understanding of different cultures.

Sunil Ishairzay
EARLY Investor & COO

innovative serial entrepreneur and executive with over 30 years of leadership experience at both non-profit and for-profit organizations. With a deep understanding of both the local and international business systems. Using a high level of organizational and political savvy, empowering teams, forges valuable partnerships to drive organizational mission and vision.

Steve Kantor
EARLY Investor & B2B business development

Entrepreneur involved with multiple business, creative, and social entrepreneurial ventures as a Founder, Co Founder/partner, coach, and consultant. He is also the Founder of Bushido Dinners with 200+ people experiencing a Bushido Dinner at his home from 2015-2020 at small inspiring dinner parties of 6-8 entrepreneurs and artists.

Italo Fagundes

20 years of experience in IT sales and marketing for enterprise solutions.

Max Ringelheim
ADVISOR strategy

Sales & Marketing consultant, motivational speaker, founder of 'When Going Viral'.
Former Co-Founder of viral brand PhunkeeDuck, known for 2015's Hoverboard movement.

Michael Davis
ADVISOR licensing

Fomer CEO of Uptone Pictures, Michael is a dynamic, award winning production professional. CEO at Factera Brazil. He has been actively involved in development of entertainment products and licensing for nearly 25 years.


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