About Us

Our mission is to contribute to society by providing a daily tool

that will improve a better life, facilitating the practice

of meditation in a much more effective and enjoyable way.

Youtunein`s philosophy is to raise awareness and love collectively and vibrationally, through our “Youtunein Steps program” and through universal communication, without specific religious connotations, we welcome and offer different ways and philosophies to connect within, with the objective to tune in with the higher Self that exists within each one of us.

Based on three years of studies and one year of intense development, Youtunein was created and formed by a small team, with incalculable potential, where everyone without exception, Developers, Producers and Facilitators, all with the aim of helping society and contributing to the consciousness awakening of our planet.

It is much more than a Meditation App, it is a personal tool to be used daily, a unique technique and sound formula with 8D Technology + Binaural Frequencies and exclusive content that strengthens mental fitness, improves self-care, self-love and immunity. Youtunein is committed to helping people with some of the biggest mental health challenges of today.

The Team

The Youtunein team are a group of people who have practiced 

meditation for many years, because of this, we know the impact

 that meditation can have in people’s lives. Through 

a committed daily practice, we became the best version of

ourselves. Now we are so excited to share this unique formula

 with the world. Are you ready to tune in with us?



For 20 years ago is a complete Artist.

Singer, Song Writer, Music Co-Producer, Actress, 

Director, Film Producer and Acting Coach.

But behind the “Artist” was always the “Healer”, 

meditation practitioner since 2009, guiding 

people through their spiritual path, self-healing

 and facilitating the meeting with their true-selves.



Graduated in International Relations,

Producer and Sound Engineer,

meditation practitioner since 2016.